Egoscue What to Expect

With clinics located in the U.S., Mexico and Japan for the past 30 years, Egoscue Postural Therapy has become the world leader in pain relief. Check the official Egoscue website for upcoming travel schedules.

What To Expect at Your Therapy Appointment

• You will meet one-­to-­one with me to analyze your posture and gait.

• We will take photographs periodically to capture the improvement in your posture.

• I will then take you through a series of exercises designed to target your individual dysfunction(s).

• The goal of each appointment is to help you understand and begin to eliminate the cause of the problem which will in turn alleviate the pain.

• You will leave the initial appointment with a custom­ designed menu of exercises that can easily be done on your own until the next visit.

• Your body will adapt gradually and rediscover the natural healing power within.