Questions and Answers

What can you expect from Kathy in the coaching process?

Approach: A “doing” and “results-oriented” approach
A supportive demand for accountability
Challenges and practices to help you overcome obstacles to meet your goals

Role: An advocate for your greatness
A sounding board with an emphasis on forward movement

Can Reiki be combined in a life coaching session?

Absolutely! Reiki can unblock channels and help get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Can sessions be done on the phone or in-person?

You choose. It is advisable to do a face-to-face for the first session.

What is the advantage to you of having an occupational therapy background as a coach?

You get a supportive, creative problem solver as a partner! OTs are trained in thinking outside the box. We see barriers as opportunities. We focus on what matters most to people and using a strengths-based approach to get there.

Where are some attestations of Kathy’s work as a life coach? Right here:

Kathy has a way of going to the heart of a matter and will pursue her goal with fierce direction. She is adept at helping people share their thoughts and helping them reach their true potential. She is compassionate yet firm and uses humor to win over the most difficult of individuals. She is one of the few who really listen and help an individual identify their strengths and use them to overcome their weaknesses. What comes through with Kathy is her genuine love of helping people.

~ Dr Vicki Berkus

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy and have seen her interact with many people. What is most compelling about her to me is the way she listens to others – she listens with her whole body and gives everyone the experience that they are the most important person in the world. The other quality she possesses that is really fascinating is her ability to come up with one more idea. Even the most clever people who think there could not possibly be any other way of looking at a situation or handling a problem are amazed that Kathy can indeed come up with another angle. Kathy is uniquely qualified to coach anyone from the most humble to the most gifted individual and will employ dignity and grace in every encounter. She is a truly special person.

~ Shelley Cross, MSN, RN