Reiki: 49-59 per hour sliding scale.

Life coachng: 89 to 119 per hour sliding scale

Egoscue: The initial  series of 8 Egoscue treatments run 640 to 800 dollars on a sliding scale.

After the initial series of treatments, follow up appointments can also be purchased for 100/visit if 5 or more visits are purchased. Stand alone treatments are priced at 126 dollars. Visits can last anywhere from an hour to 2 hours depending on the severity of your postural dysfunction(s).
Also, massage and orthopedic treatments for active Egoscue clients are 50 dollars per hour; otherwise the current charge is 60 dollars per hour.
I try not to refuse anyone because of finances, but try to extend my pro bono work or most lenient sliding scale to those who have served in the military.